Community Education and Training

EPIC Generations is dedicated to educating elder service providers and the community about providing care to elders that affirms their sexual orientation and gender identity. Multiple Interactive EPIC LGBTQ+ Competency Trainings are available to support your organization in serving the needs of LGBTQ+ Elders.

Trainings include:

What It Means to be an LGBTQ+ Elder: A Cultural Sensitivity Approach to Care (90-minute presentation)
Participants will:

  • Learn the unique needs, challenges and strengths of LGBTQ+ elders
  • Discover LGBTQ+ history as it relates to aging
  • Leave equipped with introductory individual and organizational best practices in caring for LGBTQ+ Elders

An Introduction to Transgender Care
Participants will:

  • Learn key terms and usage relating to the transgender or gender diverse experience
  • Become familiar with using and sharing pronouns
  • Recognize the impact of microaggressions and implicit bias and how they manifest in healthcare
  • Leave equipped with introductory best practices to support their transgender and gender diverse patients

Technical Assistance
EPIC Generations also provides technical assistance to those wanting further education and to overhaul policies, procedures and processes to be as inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community as possible. LGBTQ+ Community Support Counselor Jane Haskell is available to discuss organizational needs and best practices for LGBTQ+ care.

Learn more about trainings or technical assistance by contacting LGBTQ+ Community Support Counselor Jane Haskell at (727) 328-5526 or by emailing her at